Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Typical Day in the Life of...

Today was a typical day for me. In the kitchen preparing breakfast I was ramrodding around like a good Arlander should, and I had a little paring knife in my hand. Some how, throwing some trash away I cut my finger. It's in one of the worst places, right at the base of my finger where it bends. Nice. It will be a hard spot to heal. I cut myself a couple times a week, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
Then Doug was making waffles and whipping the egg whites up in a high powered mixer, way longer than they needed to be. I wanted to shut off the machine and Doug got possessive of his waffles and didn't want me to touch anything. I told him that you can over whip egg whites-- I spend a lot more time cooking and know these kinds of things, but hey "do what you want". Of course, I was totally making crap up to get my way. It worked. A little while later he said, "So what happens if the egg whites get too stiff?" Nothing... I was just making crap up so you'd stop whipping them. He screamed, "I knew it!" Well, I am always making crap up he says. Sometimes I even believe my own lies. This time though, I knew I didn't know what I was talking about.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Day at the Park

Yesterday we went to the park. It was so beautiful, even in the evening. As we were pulling out of our complex Ellie asked "Saydee come". I asked her is she wanted to see if Saydee (her best friend:) could come to the park with us.... Ellie was very excited when Saydee said yes! We took her brother and sister, too. It was so fun! Ellie is getting better and better at climbing and is so independant, especially when she is playing with another kid. When she needs help or wants me to go with her she comes over to me and says "come". So cute. She is so happy when she is outside and playing. We stayed over an hour (we had to leave because it was almost 7pm and getting colder). The rest of the night Ellie was especially happy. We went shopping and when I tried to put her in the cart she started to whine and I asked her to stop so we could shop and she said, "ok". Then we went and saw dad at work and had some pizza. We came home and we got ready for bed and she went down without any fuss. She told me "night mom- luv u" I told her love her too and shut out the light for the night. Such a good girl. We are excited the weather is better and we can go to the park as much as time allows. All kids need good fresh air and exercise- she is so much happier and better behaved when she can do that.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Ugh! I am addicted to a new series.... Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. When I start to read a good book, I can't put it down! Seriously. I read the ENTIRE series (so far-- 3 books) in less than a week! I had a lot of other things going on too, or at least should have, but my books take priority. I feel like a drug addict. It's so bad! They are amazing though! I totally encourage everyone to read them. Now, they are about vampires, which I didn't think I would necessarily like, but it's good. Trust me. Doug laughs at me. He came home yesterday to find the house a disaster!!! I basically read all day with little interruptions to change diapers and feed children (only the necessities got my attention). I really did feel bad about being so engrossed, but it was so awesome, I didn't feel bad enough to stop. Not saying much for my self-control. I hope anyone else who reads them has more control. I can't believe no one told me about these books before.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Uncle Marty is paying us back for everything bad Doug did to the Forsgren family kids-- there is lots to repay so Martin is just trying to help them out. nice of him, eh?:)
Ellie LOVES it though and wants more "make up"...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My First Time

Yep, my first time. My first time blogging. I haven't done it yet for a couple of reasons. 1- not knowing how (luckily my sister in-law sonnet is here to help) 2- I have felt no one will really read it 3- if i put my thoughts , real thoughts out there, people might think I am a weirdy- they might think my thoughts are really out there and do I really want to share what is important me knowing it might not be accepted. so- thats my reasons. Here it goes.

Technology is becoming my thing lately-
check me out. I took a picture with the web cam and then posted it (again, with sonnet's help), I also have a new phone (palm centro) with a planner and tasks, etc. I am big time now. Also, I am now blogging. good stuff.