Thursday, May 29, 2008

who's the coolest?

Have you ever met someone and thought, "they are the coolest person!"? If I have the great opportunity to not only meet them, but actually be their friend, I always feel extra blessed to have them in my life. I have a lot of these people I have met through the years, some were short acquanties, others I have know forever. I always still say when I think of them, "they are so cool."

The definition of cool has changed for me over the years. In my youth (I am almost 30 already!) cool was more what you wore, how you looked, if you played sports (and were good:), if you had lots of friends and stuff to do on the weekends. If you have a teenager in your life this might sound familiar... now this is my definition of Cool: friendly, easy to talk to, easily engages people in coversation, confindent in self- comfortable to be themselves. They all have individual skills and a variety of interests, but the single trait that seems to stand out is how I feel in their presence. It is hard to use words to describe that, but to put it simply I feel good around them and sense their goodness. They seem to be at a higher level of self development and happiness in life. Very cool.

Now I will say, I still have a few superficial opinions of cool- for instants Matt Damon, coolest guy on earth. I mean, have you seen his skills in Borne Ultimatum. Big fan. But generally it's my neighbors and friends and family I think of. Here's just a few... (don't be offended if your not listed, I didn't want to take 100 hours to write this entry, you know I love you all!!!)

Jacob and Joni Borg
I met Joni my freshman year at Ricks. Joni is one of the coolest people I have ever met. If you knew her you'd think the same. Joni is totally herself and is great to be around. I miss hanging our with her. Her husband Jacob is equally as cool. One of the first times I ever talked to Jacob he was so nice to me. I think they were just dating at the time and we were sophmores at Ricks. I was pretty insecure in my early days and he made a long conversation with me and found things to talk about- he was so comfortable that it made me comfortable. I am sure her wouldn't remember the exchange, but I immediately liked him and still think back on how he made me feel. You guys are awesome!

Mike and Lisa Carver
Mike and Lisa are our neighbors. We think Mike looks like an FBI agent and is currently trying to be one. Doug says if he doesn't make it he should try show biz because he looks the part, I am sure Without a Trace would take him. Cool guy. Mike is so great with his kids and Ellie loves him! He is funny and works great with the youth in our ward (he serves with Doug in Young Mens). Mike is easy to talk to and would help anyone who needs it. Generally cool people marry cool people and that would be Lisa. I have never heard a negative thing come out of Lisa. One of her girls has health problems and has spent a lot of time in the hospital, had heart surgery before she was one and gets sick a lot. Lisa always has a big smile on her face and never says life is hard. Super cool people.

Mike and Jessica Forsgren
I met Mike and Jessica when I started dating Doug. They, like other listed made me feel comfortable and were really funny and fun to be around. They don't hide their opionions or thoughts, and share who they are. It's easy to get to know someone when they let you in like that. Jessica does tri-atholons and that's cool. Mike calls when a sibling needs to hear something and that's cool too. Glad to call you guys family.

Good people, doing good things and making life good for other people. Who's the coolest!?!

If you have a cool person in your life, let me know, I'd love to hear about them.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day

Ellie on Mother's Day

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged

A-attached or single: attached
B-best friends: Doug, Annette, Sunni, Becky
C-cake or pie: Cake with Ice Cream- Mashed together
E-essential item(s): lotion, everything in my kitchen
F-favorite color: yellow
G-gummy worms or bears: worms- they remind me of my childhood
H-hometown: Hines, MN/ Pine Island,MN
I-indulgence: Chocolate Haggendas
J-January or July: July
K-kids: Ellorie Ione
L-life is incomplete without: Kisses and Waterfalls, preferably together
M-marriage date: August 9, 2003
N-number of siblings: 2
O-oranges or apples: apples, from Dad's trees
P-phobias or fears: Doug dying, snakes
Q-quotes: My funniest quote this year is from Becky, well technically John Wayne "Life is tough, it's tougher if you're stupid."
R-reasons to smile: Ellie dancing, Doug taking a day off, visiting Minnesota, phone calls from friends
S-season: Hard to choose between Spring and Fall. I love the leaves in the fall, but I love the new life that comes out in Spring
T-tag friends: Joni, and who ever else wants to be... I don't really know how to do it though
U-unknown fact about me: I have a tattoo and I love skinny dipping. Just kidding. I have never done either. I am pretty much an open book... no surprises here
V-very favorite store: I love kitchen stores. If I was rich, I'd spend all my money there! I love quilt shops too, thanks to my mom! Otherwise any store with a clearance section and I love garage sales in Minnesota!
W-worst habit: Interrupting people when they are talking. I hate when I do that!
X-x-ray, ultrasound, or mammogram: Ultrasound
Y-your favorite food: what don't I like! Italian probably takes the cake though. Victoria's Italian Restaurant in Rochester, MN
Z- Zodiac: Leo

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Aunt Mimi taught Ellie to trace her feet. She LOVES it! We are always coloring!!!

Ellie loves to play! She has lots of neighbor friends and is so happy! She really loves markers and if you noticed colored her belly button especially well- at least she didn't get the furniture.

Doug bought me lilies for Mother's day and we planted them Saturday! So beautiful

Monday, May 5, 2008


Buster is fixed! Our friend Jacob is an auto mechanic and got our parts for cost (his boss says he can do that for friends and family-so nice!). It cost $300 less than the other place that gave us a quote. Good Stuff!
Doug says he doesn't make the noises when he brakes any more either. He thought the problem was the breaks, but apparently not.
We love having two cars, such a blessing!

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

GOOD- Doug and I had a overnight getaway in Salt Lake. Doug took Wednesday and Thursday off, we had dinner out and matched movies. Our friend gave us a hotel stay gift certificate they didn't want and we stayed in a hotel downtown Salt Lake. It was so fun! We missed our girl though, and were happy to return to her yesterday. It was so nice to have Doug around-- two nights in a row, even!

BAD- We took our car to get inspected (required each year in Utah) and it failed. It failed BAD. Well, only the upper and lower ball joints and arm, but expensive to fix. We are thinking of letting it sit for a while. It's nice weather at least and Ellie and I can use our feel a little more to get us places. Doug doesn't have as much school either, so we wouldn't be without a car 24/7 like we would have been this last semester! Agh! Our money has other needed places right now. We have our interview to start the adoption process next Friday! We are excited about that:)

UGLY- So, many of you probably don't know, but I am a bathroom surgeon. I went to BSMS (Bathroom Surgery Medical School) and excelled, if I do say so myself. Well, the consequence of my surgeries is a rather ugly looking toe. I have two toes nails that have issues. I won't go through the whole disgusting saga, but needless to say, they often come off. Pretty ugly business.

Now you know the good, the bad and the ugly of my life! have a good one:)