Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bad Habit

Well, Confession time. I have a bad habit. I do horrible on birthdays. I remember, that's not the problem. It's getting the card or gift in the mail on time, or off at all. If I do send it, it is usually a month or so late. I love birthdays, so I don't know why I do so poorly at it. I even forgot to make calls to our parents for birthdays. So, message is, don't be offended if you don't get a card or anything. It's not personal. I am trying to do better, but it doesn't really seem to be any different. And, just so you know, I don't expect anyone to be on top of it for me either. No double standard here. My birthday is August 21st though, if you needed a reminder. Ha!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have gotten in the exercising mode. I have a friend come over and work out 3 mornings a week. It makes me do it, and I totally reccommend getting a partner. I have been weight training and I am just starting cardio. It's really good for my bone health too, which I have neglected and that's really bad. I am at a high risk for osteoporosis and need to take special care of them. It's good for my mentle health, although lately I feel like my life isn't under control. Nothing major, just don't have a grip on a routine and am falling short in responsibilities. Today, I plan on getting the laundry DONE. Is the laundry ever really done? At least caught up. We are out of underware. Not good:) ha ha
I have made a new friend lately and she is great (my exercise partner). It took me about a year to get to know people here. I feel like I am in the swing of things now, know people and have a good amount of associations. I am much more content with friends. I was happy the first year here, taking care of my home and little family, but I was a little lonely in the social area. So, life is good that way too. It's nice to have friends.
I am on another reading kick (maybe another reason I am falling behind in my responsibilities???) I have gotten a couple of "advanced reader copies" of unreleased books. My new friend and exercise partner, Sunni, works at a book store and gets a hold of them. One is called The 13th Reality. Pretty good.
I Spring cleaned my kitchen this week, trying to redeam my slackingness. I spent 8 hours on Monday in there! Whew! Big job, but it looks great! So, I am on my way to getting everything in order.