Saturday, June 11, 2011

Challenges and Blessings

I haven't updated in a long time... life has been strained a bit lately, but has calmed down since Thursday. We had a foster care placement at the beginning of February that was a challenge for us and took all my time and energy. She has gone back as a trial period with her mom and we hope all goes well for them. As of now, we have our life back to normal and there has been an instant change in the feeling at our home. It was a challenge for all of us, but especially hard for Ellorie.

I burned my hands (yes plural) on Mother's Day, a week before a Stake Women's Fair I was in charge of. It wasn't the first both hands had been unusable in my life:) My mom came to help me though and that was a life saver. It's hard to wash dishes, change diapers and do any tasks without hands! They healed quickly and I was blessed it wasn't worse than it was.
The Women's Fair was a great success! Check out all the info and recipes at...

Our household had a lot of sickness during the month of May, too. Everyone, including my mom, was throwing up and other not so good effects of the stomach flu. Chloe and Ellorie got double ear infections and Chloe had to have steriods and breathing treatments for 10 days. She has asthma and is on them now for a while. But she is back to her happy, wonderful self:) We are blessed through her adoption to have medical coverage because of being born on meth.

We are back to normal around here and so happy about it. The girls and I are going to Minnesota for vacation while Doug has Youth Conference and Scout Camp. We are excited to see family!! Then we are home for a few days, then off to North Carolina to see my brother and his wife and then to a Forsgren reunion in Virginia! Great start to summer:) Ellie can't wait to see all her cousins! We just want the fun to start and can't wait either!

My garden is doing well, we have been eating the most delicious lettuce of my life from it this week! Its so fun to have a garden. I am especially excited for canning this year. I am out of a lot of goods, and Chloe doens't like store bought peaches:) Spoiled girl!

Check out the blog I posted... there are some amazing recipes, especiallyfor bread! We have been eating like Kings around here, we just bought half a beef and a pig and I have never had such amazing meat in my life. I can't wait for visitors and company for dinner later this summer!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Whew! The holidays were a whirl wind, but wonderful! We had the best time with all the adoption finalization activities and Christmas fun.
Court was great! Chloe and Ellorie were perfect sweethearts and I cried like a baby. The judge even cried. We went out to the Olive Garden after for lunch and it was delicious. Thank you to all the friends and family who were able to attend. We had Chloe blessed Sunday and we went to the temple on Monday to be sealed. It was all so exciting and happy. We are officially the Forsgren 4!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm a matcher... I like my dishes to match, I like to match the jars of what I'm canning and even the lids. I like my shelves to match, spice containers, towels, everything.
You name it, I want it to match.
So this...

is hard for me.

The upside is that she is adorable:) I know kids need to assert their independance. I don't want her to not have confidence because I didn't like the purple plaid skirt with the striped rainbow shirt and t-shirt over. But, I kringe a little when she comes down the stairs in an outfit like this and it takes all I have to say, "I love your outfit! Nice job picking your own clothes!" What's wrong with the train of thought... If you like the skirt and you like the shirt, then wear them together! I love 4 year olds:) Never mind that I bought an entire line from Gymbore (something I NEVER do but it was on a killer sale) and she refuses to wear 75% of it. Kids. Oh well, hopefully Chloe will be willing to wear it. Lesson learned, don't go shopping without your 4 year old. She needs to pick out her own clothes... Well, at least she does if she's Ellorie.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chloe Lillian Forsgren

Today we set the adoption date for Chloe! Finialization is Thursday, December 23rd at 9:45am in Ogden, Utah. We are so excited and can't wait! I missed court today because I was off by 15 minutes. They don't let cell phones in court and that's my calendar and when they set the date and time I didn't get it in there and I am so bad with anything to do with numbers! Agh! So, they set the date and everything without me since I was late, but it will work just fine:) We couldn't be happier and we look forward to our early Christmas present. Her new name will be Chloe Lilian Forsgren. We were considering and thinking at one time it would be Chloe Mae, but that sounded to Southern accentish, if that makes sense. Hope no one is offended by that:) I have always loved Lilian for a name, and would choose it for a first name, but that is already done and she is definately a Chloe. We did change the spelling as you can see, the other way is too crazy. Her whole life I would be saying Chloe with a "K" and an "ie" at the end. No thanks. Who spells it like that anyway? Oh, I guess a girl on MTV someone told me. Enough said. So, our beautiful Chloe will be ours forever. What a roller coaster ride to have over. I have never been a fan of roller coasters...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the khloie update

We had court a couple weeks ago and nothing really resulted from it. The potential birth father has not yet taken the paternity test (at least as far as I know). He supposedly made an appointment to do so and the judge said we would reconvene on October 25th. The next step will be to see if he in fact does take it, and what the results are and how that will effect proceedings. The state attorney told the young man in court last time that even if he establishes paternity the state is just going to turn around and request it to be terminated. Where was he for 6 months? He could have signed the paper at the hospital as the father, but he didn't. So, we don't know his intentions, if he even has any.

Utah has a law that a child 2 or under once they are placed in foster care, has to have a permanent placement within 8 months. Khloie will be with us 8 months as of Nov. 11th. A judge can make rulings to extend that, but I don't know why she would. I don't understand other things she has done however, so who's to say how it will all play out.

We feel so peaceful concerning the matter though. I admit that it helps when I don't have to see the family. When I have visits I always feel the weight of the situation. The mom didn't show up for her last visit a week ago Monday. She hasn't given them a number to reach her at, and they don't chase parents down to do what they're supposed to, they expect some effort on their part. She did say that she wanted to relinquish her rights and didn't need to be forced (have the state terminate).

So, we wait for the 25th... more updates to come:) thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

I have found myself thinking, "you know you're a mom when..." throughout my days lately. It usually makes me smile and I am always happy to find myself in that place (well, almost always). Feel free to ad to the list...

10. the only band-aid in the house is dora, princess or hello kitty
9. your shirt smells like puke
8. your car stereo belts "the wheels on the bus"
7. you have more car seats than jeans
6. you find yourself saying "because I said so"
5. a good day involves no poop on your hands, crayon on the wall or fits in the living room
4. your bed time is the same time as a 4 year old (and you could have even gone earlier)
3. a shower for the day is optional
2. making cookies is an exciting and fun filled afternoon (and it really is)
1. hugs and kisses make everything worth it

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Day in Court

Well, things didn't go quite as planned yesterday. After 6 months, the birth mother showed up in court with the supposed birth father. The case worker hadn't met her before (they looked for the mom but she made herself disappear that last half a year) and was surprised to see her there. It changed the plans, having her there. Jenny (our case worker) doesn't think it will change the eventual outcome, that we will adopt Khloie, but that it will make it a longer, more drawn out case. Awesome. The State has already set in motion their plan and recomendation to terminate the birth mom's rights and have us adopt Khloie and is still going forward with that plan. If the mom and her recently appointed public attorney want to state their case, they can do that. We have a pre-trial September 30th in the afternoon when the State will make their recommendations and if it is contested by the mom, we will set a trial date for both sides to present their case. I'm not sure what her's will be to be honest, but nonetheless, she can do it. She would have had a way better chance to have her daughter back if she would have actually showed up to visits, appointments, and her legal responsibilities in drug court. But she disappeared, so here we are. It's been a hard day... we are holding up though and praying a lot. Thanks for all your concern, love and prayers for our family. We will update after court the 30th...