Sunday, January 10, 2010

The New Year

We had a great vacation in Minnesota visiting both of our families. We always enjoy late nights with the big screen at Jamie and Ryan's and playing Wii at John and Ann's and the games we play with everyone. We received a new game from Ann's family called Split. If you like card games, this is a must have! It is so fun. We taught it to my family and they loved it too. Ellie was a trooper, as always, traveling so far. We drive straight through the night and she hardly slept, but when we got to grandpa and grandma's she was ready for a fun filled day. She really loves her family! We had a wonderful time and we are always sad to leave.

Now we are back in the swing of things, Doug had his first week back at school and starts more classes for his program at Utah State tomorrow. Agh, another crazy semester is about to begin, but next year this time we will be DONE! With EVERYTHING! Yeah! He is such a great man working so hard to get more education and training to provide for us. We never take that for granted.

We are still waiting to hear about adding someone to our family. The girl we talked about last month decided against us. We thought we'd have a foster child by now, but we haven't gotten any calls so we are just waiting on that. No calls from LDS Family Services either. We will let everyone know when we do, until then we just wait.

We are excited for a new year! Everything is pretty much the same in our lives except for our church responsibilities. I now serve with the children as the Primary President and Doug no longer serves as the Young Men's President, but now works in Cub Scouts. Ellie turns 4 March 2nd and that will be fun. We are giving her a birthday party and she is inviting some friends! We are really looking forward to summer and all the fun that comes with it!

Happy New Year Everyone!