Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the khloie update

We had court a couple weeks ago and nothing really resulted from it. The potential birth father has not yet taken the paternity test (at least as far as I know). He supposedly made an appointment to do so and the judge said we would reconvene on October 25th. The next step will be to see if he in fact does take it, and what the results are and how that will effect proceedings. The state attorney told the young man in court last time that even if he establishes paternity the state is just going to turn around and request it to be terminated. Where was he for 6 months? He could have signed the paper at the hospital as the father, but he didn't. So, we don't know his intentions, if he even has any.

Utah has a law that a child 2 or under once they are placed in foster care, has to have a permanent placement within 8 months. Khloie will be with us 8 months as of Nov. 11th. A judge can make rulings to extend that, but I don't know why she would. I don't understand other things she has done however, so who's to say how it will all play out.

We feel so peaceful concerning the matter though. I admit that it helps when I don't have to see the family. When I have visits I always feel the weight of the situation. The mom didn't show up for her last visit a week ago Monday. She hasn't given them a number to reach her at, and they don't chase parents down to do what they're supposed to, they expect some effort on their part. She did say that she wanted to relinquish her rights and didn't need to be forced (have the state terminate).

So, we wait for the 25th... more updates to come:) thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

I have found myself thinking, "you know you're a mom when..." throughout my days lately. It usually makes me smile and I am always happy to find myself in that place (well, almost always). Feel free to ad to the list...

10. the only band-aid in the house is dora, princess or hello kitty
9. your shirt smells like puke
8. your car stereo belts "the wheels on the bus"
7. you have more car seats than jeans
6. you find yourself saying "because I said so"
5. a good day involves no poop on your hands, crayon on the wall or fits in the living room
4. your bed time is the same time as a 4 year old (and you could have even gone earlier)
3. a shower for the day is optional
2. making cookies is an exciting and fun filled afternoon (and it really is)
1. hugs and kisses make everything worth it