Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm a matcher... I like my dishes to match, I like to match the jars of what I'm canning and even the lids. I like my shelves to match, spice containers, towels, everything.
You name it, I want it to match.
So this...

is hard for me.

The upside is that she is adorable:) I know kids need to assert their independance. I don't want her to not have confidence because I didn't like the purple plaid skirt with the striped rainbow shirt and t-shirt over. But, I kringe a little when she comes down the stairs in an outfit like this and it takes all I have to say, "I love your outfit! Nice job picking your own clothes!" What's wrong with the train of thought... If you like the skirt and you like the shirt, then wear them together! I love 4 year olds:) Never mind that I bought an entire line from Gymbore (something I NEVER do but it was on a killer sale) and she refuses to wear 75% of it. Kids. Oh well, hopefully Chloe will be willing to wear it. Lesson learned, don't go shopping without your 4 year old. She needs to pick out her own clothes... Well, at least she does if she's Ellorie.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chloe Lillian Forsgren

Today we set the adoption date for Chloe! Finialization is Thursday, December 23rd at 9:45am in Ogden, Utah. We are so excited and can't wait! I missed court today because I was off by 15 minutes. They don't let cell phones in court and that's my calendar and when they set the date and time I didn't get it in there and I am so bad with anything to do with numbers! Agh! So, they set the date and everything without me since I was late, but it will work just fine:) We couldn't be happier and we look forward to our early Christmas present. Her new name will be Chloe Lilian Forsgren. We were considering and thinking at one time it would be Chloe Mae, but that sounded to Southern accentish, if that makes sense. Hope no one is offended by that:) I have always loved Lilian for a name, and would choose it for a first name, but that is already done and she is definately a Chloe. We did change the spelling as you can see, the other way is too crazy. Her whole life I would be saying Chloe with a "K" and an "ie" at the end. No thanks. Who spells it like that anyway? Oh, I guess a girl on MTV someone told me. Enough said. So, our beautiful Chloe will be ours forever. What a roller coaster ride to have over. I have never been a fan of roller coasters...