Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Girl

She is growing so fast... she will be 3 months on the 5th. She weighs 13 lbs and is sweet as can be. Grandma asked for some recent pictures so I finally posted some:)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother to Mother

As we celebrate mother's everywhere today, I express my own appreciation for a wonderful mom who taught me so much. I hope I can pass on to my girls the things I learned from her. I will be sure to tell them all about their grandma through their lives and hope that they will take a piece of her with them into motherhood and continue the beautiful legacy of love that only a mother can give. Mother to mother through all the generations, to teach and inspire and help make the world better for what they know to do and be because of a mom to show them.

My great grandma Jane taught her children that "just because we're poor, doesn't mean we have to be dirty." I have heard that my whole life and you know what? I like to take care of my house and always try to show respect for what ever possessions we have by taking care of them. Thanks grandma Jane. My grandma Petie always had candles lit, every night. She said, "every body needs a little romance in their life." She made everything so nice around her, so did my mother. Much of who I am is directly related to who they are. I am so blessed to see these women in action, going about the daily duties of life and how to be a good person.

There are a lot of mothers out there. I have my own mother and a mother-in law, Ellie has a birth mom and me. Khloie has her biological mother and her foster mom. There is Mother Teresa, Eve, the Mother of all living and was before she had any children. There are grand mothers, big sisters who mother their little sisters :) I have even called teachers at school "mom" and many other women who take care of those who need a fill in mom in college, away from family and who need a shoulder to cry on after their mom passes away.

Every woman is a mother, every woman helps others feel God's love, take care of their physical needs, pray for them, teach them. Womanhood, is motherhood. So, today I celebrate mothers. I celebrate all that they do for the world and all that so many women have done for me.

I make a special tribute to my mom. Thanks mom for sleeping on the ground next to me while I enjoyed the couch after surgery when I was 17 and still wanted my mom with me. Thank you for showing me how to make a table pretty and why it's important. Thanks for showing me how to treat others when they come into your home and to make enough food that they know they can eat as much as they want and there will still be plenty. You taught me to be honest without saying anything, but just by me never seeing you do anything dishonest. I know how to work hard and work quick because that's how my mom works. I know to look for details and that cleaning the kitchen includes wiping the counters and sweeping the floor. I like to give everything I make away to people, especially when I think they will like it because you give everything you make away (and I am the happy recipient many times). My mom isn't perfect, but she is the perfect mom for me. I love you mom. I will always be your dolly and your little girl. Happy Mother's Day! Thanks is so inadequate, but it's all to say sometimes when there aren't the words that would capture all that you mean to me, all that you've done and all that you are. So thanks mom, thanks so much...