Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Baby Khloie is growing so much! She is so wonderful... a good, sweet baby girl. Everyone loves to see her and says how beautiful she is. We totally agree:) Her mom is having a rough go of things and we feel more confident every day that Khloie will be with us permanently. We couldn't hope for anything less. Having said that, we of course feel sadness that her mother is making bad choices that are making her life unhappy and unhealthy. Khloie wouldn't do well in that environment ( I won't elaborate here on details, we have a confidentiality clause) but it wouldn't be safe or happy life for her. We love her with all our hearts and would love to be her forever family. Time will have to pass and we will see how things unfold to know for sure what the future holds. As we wait we love her, kiss her, cuddle her and spoil her. She is another ray of sunshine in our lives.