Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Khloie

We had a little baby girl placed with us this last Thursday from foster care. She will be with us at least three months... she is beautiful and wonderful! We are so happy that we can provide this service for sweet Khloie. Of course, we fell in love with her the moment we saw her! She is doing really well and blessing our lives already:) Ellorie is doing well too and loves to take care of Khloie. We got her a little baby of her own and all the necessities to care for her. Our friends have been really great and supportive. Although Khloie isn't likely to stay with us forever, they have celebrated our joy in taking a little one in and caring for her as our own. It has meant more to us than we could ever express. She is a true blessing and we will cherish every minute.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

President's Day

Ellie's tribute to George Washington...

I think if he were here now, he'd be honored and impressed. Here's to you George.

Rocking Out with My Bad Self

She has the stance, the vocals, the moves, she's ready for fame and fortune. What parent wouldn't be proud?

Girls just wanna have fun, what can she say!

"I've got moves you've never seen!"

"Thank you, thank you very much..." For my next performance... stay tuned!

Ellorie Turns 4

Ellie had a great birthday. It's the first year she's had a party and she loved it. It was really fun being a parent and throwing a birthday party. She invited 11 friends so we had it at the church building (way too many for our house!). She could have doubled her list if I would have let her. It was hard not to invite everyone. She really wanted to play musical chairs, have a rainbow cake and a pinata. So we did, of course. We also had pizza, played bingo, decorated candy bags and opened gifts. All the pictures are mostly for the grandparents, sorry if everyone else is like "enough with the pictures already!" Ha:)

We also got her ears pierced. It was pretty traumatic. She said she wanted it done and I told her it would hurt, but nothing could have prepared her for what was to come. She was miserable for 2 hours after, crying so hard. I felt horrible! She said she was glad she did it though and she loves her earrings.

Before she knows what's coming... and then

the set up...
the pain...

the trauma...
It was a 2 hour recovery, then we went to dad's school to meet him for lunch! Grandpa and Grandma Forsgren gave Ellie a McDonalds card and she got her favorite lunch!

She got a plethora of presents and was utterly spoiled. Here she is sporting her new hydration pack from Grandpa and Grandma Arlander. She loves camping and hiking and this will be great for her outdoor adventures!