Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family Names

Doug isn't big on naming people after people, but I like it. I tried to suggest naming a child Valborg (after my grandma) and he hasn't let me forget it! He tells people all the time what a bad idea that was. Who has the name Valborg? My grandma, that's who! It's not a pretty name, I admit, but I love my grandma. So, I lost out on that one, but we have other names. My sister Jamie and her husband have given nicknames to Ellie and their daughter Norah, both have the same ones as my sister-in-law Sonnet. Ellorie's nickname is El "Bean" and Norah's is "Peanut". So, there Doug! We have a family name for Ellie!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I normally don't blog to just one family or person, but Ashlie, I didn't get your email and I don't know how to get on your blog... so here's my newest email, which you might not have!
Look forward to seeing all that's going on. I wish I'd gotten it sooner!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good News!?!

I don't know what this means yet, but I think it might be good news! I check our profile on LDS family services web site for birth moms to view every so often. I just like to see if someone could find us with specific criteria or how many people have viewed us to see if we are ever looked at. Tonight I was frustrated because I typed in criteria that should have brought us up for people to see. But no matter what I put in (eventually I just put our names) there was no profile to view. A light clicked, "hey maybe we're on a soft hold!" That just means some one is considering us and so they don't want someone else to pick us so two girls don't choose the same family. We might not be choosen, so it's just a soft hold. A hard hold is that we are choosen and when that happens they call. No call, so I am thinking maybe it's a soft hold! It's encouraging just to know people are considering us. I don't know if the reason we are not able to see our profile is because of this or not (when they did hard copies of profiles in the office they only let one birth mother look at you at a time so that's why I am guessing its the same on-line. Of course, it could be technical difficulties or whatever, so I called and left a message! We'll see:)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I know I don't have everyone's blogs! If you don't see yours on my list on the right then let me know! I need Nicole's and Ashlie's for sure... Ryan I need yours too. And several others! Send me your link or email me, especially if you have a password or something in order to view it! Thanks everyone! I love keeping up with blogs!

Adoption Update

Well, we are coming up on our year mark for the adoption process so we need to do another round of paper work (physicals, back ground checks, finger printing, Bishop's letter) and are still trying to find a sweet little one to add to our family. But, we are also looking into another route through foster care. This is a little more scary for me. 1) it is unknown and new for us 2) the kids have had a rough start and come with some challenges they wouldn't (most likely) have if they'd been with us from the start. But, there are so many kids who need families and homes and people to care for them and love them. We have so much to give and just trust in the Lord that he will bring the children meant for our home to us.

We have started the round of paper work for this avenue also and it's pretty easy because we have done most of it before. I still need my physical and have that scheduled for this week and we have to take 32 hours of classes... that I am not so much looking forward to. But, it will be done this month so that is great! We should be a licensed home by the beginning of August. Anyone have rope ladders laying around you're not using that we can put in our upstairs bedrooms? Didn't think so:)

Please include us in your prayers- that the children who need us will be brought to us or that we can find them! We are hopeful and optimistic that all will go according to God's plan and look forward to meeting our next child! Thanks for all your support and love. We appreciate all your encouraging words and offers of help. We look forward to our next update...


I love vacation! We had a BLAST the last 2 weeks seeing everyone! We first went to South Dakota, which is the best kept secret. I wasn't looking forward to South Dakota vacation wise, but because we could see family. Grandma and Grandpa Arlander came and my sister Jamie (MiMi) and Ryan with their baby girl Norah. We shopped, camped, toured, played and just had a lot of fun. Ellie had a great time, too! We are going to make a yearly trip of it. I highly reccommend Broken Arrow Camp ground in Custer, SD if you are looking for a trip out there. The wild life, weather and accommadations were amazing! Great hiking, too! Mimi took the pictures because that's what she does, so I have none yet, but will post some later! I know you will all be waiting in suppense.

We then headed to Nebraska for Doug's reunion. Only 3 brothers made it, but all three sister's made it and we had a GREAT time (Doug is the youngest of 11)! We stayed in an old military base made into a state park. We had a huge lodge with rooms for everyone. The forsgren's can be loud, even when there are only 40ish of them around :) But we slept great at night, which is a huge bonus for me! We played, swam, did horse back riding, tubing, croquet, games and visited. The weather was awesome and it was just so much fun! It was such a fun vacation.

We came home and had the 4th of July festivities with neighbors and friends and church today. We will settle back into routine more, but Doug doesn't teach right now and that lets him have time for school, church and time to golf! Plus we love seeing him around the house. The school year is so busy that we love summer! We still have more camping and vacation planned for the summer... Life is good.

First Dentist Visit

Ellie did so well at her dentist visit! She didn't cry and she let the dentist and hygienist do their thing with no complaints. She was a good girl and I think our subsequent visits will be easy to do because she had no trauma!